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This is Chaos Theory, where people are friendly and helpful. A place where people know how to play their class because they know they will not be allowed to be carried. A place to make mature friends and enjoy each others company while enjoying..... That's right! The content!! While obtaining gear to help progress the guild, not just a individual character. We will be strict about people showing up to guild events such as raids. We are looking for level 40's-80's and sorry Death Knights, we aren't fond of you, at least until we see one that's smart. Anyway, Guild rules, raid times, and other information is just below. If you are interested then just hit the join Chaos Theory above =D I will get your name and will whisper you in-game to add you when I'm available. I will send you a E-Mail to your name here on the site letting you know what times I will be logged on to accept you into the in-game guild.

Chaos Theory is a Eastern Standard time guild, so all events start 3 hours ahead of server time.
for example, the Lich King raid begins at 6:00 p.m EST then the time on server will be 3:00 p.m.

We will be a fifteen person guild at max. Members may have several alts but are required to have their main geared and raid ready when the time comes. (That doesn't mean you cant have your alts geared out too)

Rules of Chaos Theory:
1. If you are a hybrid class, you must have dual spec and be proficient at your second spec.
2. If you are a pure DPS class, figure rotations/spec/items that will MAXIMIZE your DPS.
3. By far the most important aspect of a raid or group, Situational awareness. Understanding your class utility/aggro reduction for different circumstances/staying out of FIRE.
4. No guild member is allowed to be a part of another guild.
5. Show up for guild events whether it be meetings, 5 mans, or raids if you posted that you can make it.
6. Last but definitely very important. Everyone must contribute to the guild bank.

The following guidelines are not mandatory by any means but are strongly encouraged for guild progression.

Guide lines to contributing to the bank:
Every week farm 2 stacks of ONE of the following. Again we repeat, only ONE of the following, not all of them.

Ore: Titanium for prospecting (at least one stack)
Herbs: Lichbloom, goldclover, Icethorn
Fish: Glacial Salmon, Nettle Fish, Mussleback Sculpin
Leather: Heavy Borean Leather
Gold: Put enough gold in to buy one of the items listed above.

Alchemist: Transmute one epic gem a week.
Jewel Crafters: Put one red, blue, or yellow gem in a week.
Enchanters: 1 Abyss Crystal, 2 greater Cosmic Essence (more would be great too =D )

Raiding will begin when we build our core 10 man, times will be as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00 p.m. (est) Occasionally we will push one more hour, depending on the situation.
We will also push for Mondays and Saturdays 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (est) If Tuesdays or Thursdays don't work out or we just want to try and progress some more.

Must have add-ons are Omen3, Recount, and Deadly Boss Mods
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Zl' Gurub Mount run Tuesday 6:00 pm EST

VaynĂȘ, Jun 5, 10 12:04 PM.
Be there if you are 60+ and want the mount! Sign up on the calendar here on the site.
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